Your Perfect Holiday Spot in Idaho!
Relax, Rejuvenate & Recharge Your Spirit!

One-Stop Destination for  Your Perfect Getaway!

One-Stop Destination for Your Perfect Getaway!

Holiday Motel & R.V., located in Emmett, Idaho, is a perfect destination for travelers looking out for relaxation, rejuvenation, and comfort. We are a 30-year-old facility, serving and lodging travelers. We are the ideal getaway for you and can facilitate a good number of visitors, all at once.

Holiday Motel & R.V. provides perfect and hospitable accommodation for solo business travelers and also those traveling with their family. We specialize in making our 20 unit Motel, the best accommodation for travelers.

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Holiday Motel & R.V. Inc.

Minutes from Adventurous Amenities

Holiday Motel & R.V. is just a few miles away from downtown Emmett and is a couple of steps away from amenities such as beautiful public parks, fabulous restaurants, and places where you can go fishing and also shopping.

We are not just the best choice for your families, but we are, in fact, outstanding for all adventurous travelers.

A Great Motel for Get-Togethers

Our destination is perfect for all your retreats, reunions, gatherings, and more. You can also get along with a bunch of friends and chill and relax at Holiday Motel & R.V.

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